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CODE ALPHA Brand Gear Bags are Navy SEAL tested tough...Now available to the public, CODE ALPHA bags were developed for the Navy SEAL's and military Special Operations Forces (SOF). Designed for extreme use in adverse conditions, these bags are constructed from the most durable materials available and are packed with innovative features; guaranteed to last.  Mercury Luggage Manufacturing Company has been a proud supplier to our military since 1946.   Inventory includes custom insignia bags and luggage for the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and the Department of Homeland Security.   You will love any bag you purchase from the Code Alpha product line.  Guaranteed!

Featured Products On Sale

Code Alpha ACU and ABU Camo Tri Fold WalletSporty, durable, and convenient, this wallet has several compartments for credit cards, ID's, and photos. The digital camo design gives the wallet a very stylistic appearance; guaranteed, all your friends will want one just like this !
Code Alpha US Army ACU Digital Camo Duffle-BackpackHere is a very versatile piece, a combination backpack and duffle. Very flexible, and depending upon what your plans are, this bag can go anywhere. And you can carry it as a duffle bag or a backpack, your choice!
US Army ACU Camo Sport Locker BagA very durable Code Alpha type bag which can easily handle your workout gear, but the multiple pockets and storage compartments allows you to carry much much more. You will love this bag, and fortunately, it will probably last forever !
US Army ACU Digital Camo RucksackA well organized, multi-pocketed, multi purpose, strong and durable bag, able to take a beating in the worst of conditions, all while protecting the valuable contents carried within. Here is a real trustworthy sidekick, and you'll want it with you at all times!
US Army Camo Arm and Ankle Wallet- iPod FriendlyWhat a great item to have when you want a hands free way to carry your wallet, cell phone, or iPod without worrying about stuffing pockets or carrying a purse. This is the perfect solution for hikers, bikers, and runners who need these items but don't have an easy way to carry them.
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