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Garment Bags
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ACU Digital Camo Garment BagACU Digital Camo Garment BagThe B-4 bag was designed for Army Air Corp. Flyers during W.W.II. and manufactured at our Seward Trunk Co. plant in Petersburg, VA.
A great bag to protect your uniforms and shirts and to keep them wrinkle free while you travel. Between the main compartment and the multiple storage pockets, it is amazing how much this bag can actually hold. And, it is so sturdy, it will last forever!
Garment BagGarment BagThis is a very stylish garment bag that can easily hold several uniforms.  The two extra zipper pockets on the front of the cover make this garment bag very versatile and allow you to pack personal grooming items or an extra shirt or two.  The shoulder strap is great for easy bag carrying and makes this bag an amazing selection!
Garment Bag, Air Force, with logoGarment Bag, Air Force, with logoThis is a sharp looking bag for the Air Force cadet or enlistee, it can pack several uniforms and keep them in pristine condition, and the shoulder strap makes it an easy carry item, wherever you go.  Don't leave home without it!
Garment CoverGarment CoverThis bag is great for the ROTC or Junior ROTC cadet, as it will hold several uniforms and is perfect as a graduation gift          
Garment Cover-BlackGarment Cover-Black
Garment Duffle BagGarment Duffle BagThis is a great must have bag for any military service man or woman with uniforms to protect along with the need for a duffle bag.  1-2-3, it easily converts from one bag form to the other!
Navy Garment BagNavy Garment Bag
Simple Garment BagSimple Garment BagThis is a great bag to hold your uniforms and be sure they remain unwrinkled, neat and clean.  This  bag is sturdy and spacious,  perfect for the Regular and Junior ROTC cadets who always need a change of uniform with them.
Simple Garment BagSimple Garment Bag
Simple Navy Digital Camouflaged Garment BagSimple Navy Digital Camouflaged Garment BagMade of sturdy material, this garment cover will protect your shirts, suits, and uniforms. Don't travel without it!  This is one of our most popular graduation gifts and is great to keep your uniforms clean and wrinkle free.
Tri-Fold Garment BagTri-Fold Garment BagThis bag is most popular for its durability and near indestructibility, but it does not overlook how spacious it is and the multiple suits and uniforms it can hold.  It is just perfect for the frequent traveler who has to have a variety of outfits for different occasions while away from home.
Tri-Fold Garment BagTri-Fold Garment BagThis is a perfect bag for the buisiness traveler who wants to take several business suits or uniforms with him (her) and keep them in excellent condition while away from home.  It has a spacious main compartment, and it is easy to carry with the attached shoulder strap.  This is amust for the seasoned traveler.
US Army Garment BagUS Army Garment Bag
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