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Our closeout page features inventory that has been discontinued or which will no longer be manufactured once what is available is sold.  All items are sold only in unopened packs, the number of items per pack variable based on size and weight of the bag.  Although most items are embroidery ready, we are unable to do any embroidery here on site for any of the discontinued products.  All sales are final.  Please call for available quantities.

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ACU and ABU Camo Drawstring BackpackACU and ABU Camo Drawstring BackpackHere is a handy little drawstring backpack, easy to carry around and made of the sturdy denier polyester material that makes all the Code Alpha products last forever. Just throw everything in it, for work or play, and you are ready to go!
ACU MOLLE BackpackACU MOLLE BackpackThis is a great way to carry all your important gear and books for the day. The backpack is spacious, so that you can carry everything you need. It is sturdy and can hold a lot of weight without fear of the straps tearing, and the padding of the shoulder straps makes carrying this backpack for extended periods of time very comfortable. And don't worry about accessories; with all the extra pouches you can easily keep everything separate and in its place!
Army Digital Wheeled Laptop BackpackArmy Digital Wheeled Laptop BackpackThis is really a rolling computer carrying case and backpack combined into one piece. Well designed, there is ample room not only for the laptop computer in its own padded compartment, there are also multiple compartments to carry important papers, files, and writing and computer accessories. This is a veritable "hands free" rolling office!
Bravo Zulu PacBravo Zulu PacThis is a really versatile, spacious bag that can carry almost anything you need for a day's work at the office, college, or school.  A pretty indespensible requirement for the busy professional or student!
Code Alpha Digital Camo Roll BagCode Alpha Digital Camo Roll BagHere is a great ACU bag, versatile, sporty and sturdy, able to hold 2-3 days worth of clothes, or heavy day gear, and easy to carry with both shoulder strap and end straps for carrying.
Code Alpha MOLLE System Laptop AttacheCode Alpha MOLLE System Laptop AttacheThis is a terrific attache for your laptop computer, and its many pockets allow you to pack all your gear without having extra items to carry, or to forget! This attache doubles as a messenger bag as well, for those days when your laptop gets to stay at home. This is one of our most versatile, and very popular bags!
Digital Camo Giant Duffle BagDigital Camo Giant Duffle BagHere is a great bag to use in the gym or on a camping trip, for soccer or many other sporting events to have a large compartment without dividers to throw in alot of gear or shoes and accessories which could be easily forgotten or lost.  A bag like this is essential for his very kind of event.   You will never leave home without it!
Garment Duffle BagGarment Duffle Bag
Recon Patrol BagRecon Patrol Bag
Simple Garment BagSimple Garment Bag
US Army ACU Camo Sport Locker BagUS Army ACU Camo Sport Locker BagA very durable Code Alpha type bag which can easily handle your workout gear, but the multiple pockets and storage compartments allows you to carry much much more. You will love this bag, and fortunately, it will probably last forever !
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